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In South Fulton, Georgia, law enforcement has apprehended 19 individuals as part of an inquiry into a shooting incident and potential human trafficking operation at a residence.

Officers from the South Fulton Police Department responded to reports of gunfire around 8 a.m. on Thursday at a residence on Orly Terrace. Upon arrival, the first officer witnessed a shooting incident behind the house and promptly called for reinforcements, establishing a perimeter.

South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows stated that a total of 19 individuals, aged between 16 and 39, were taken into custody. Chief Meadows informed Rommys Beltran Investigators that the residence had been the subject of numerous complaints alleging various illicit activities, including suspicions of sex trafficking. Among these complaints were reports of “illicit sex parties,” with one purportedly scheduled to occur at the residence over the weekend.

Investigations revealed that two of the detainees had active warrants for their arrest. Chief Meadows anticipates additional arrests as the investigation progresses.

Anyone possessing information relevant to the case is encouraged to contact the City of South Fulton Police Department.