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Currently, most developments in the criminal cases against former President Trump revolve around appeals and hearing dates. However, in Fulton County, Georgia, where Democratic district attorney Fani Willis has initiated a substantial RICO case against Trump and 18 others, a sensational twist has emerged.

Michael Roman, a defendant linked to the Trump 2020 campaign, has filed a motion seeking the dismissal of charges against him. Roman contends that Willis misused her authority by appointing her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, as the special prosecutor in the Trump case. He alleges that Wade was paid excessively, and some of that money was used for luxurious vacations shared with Willis.

Roman argues that the charges should be dropped due to Willis’ failure to follow proper procedures in appointing Wade as the special prosecutor. Furthermore, he calls for Willis’ removal from the case, asserting that the district attorney and the special prosecutor were engaged in a clandestine personal relationship, resulting in their significant financial gain from the prosecution at the taxpayers’ expense.

Fani Willis Took On Atlanta's Gangs. Now She May Be Coming For Trump. - The  New York Times

Although Roman’s motion lacks a comprehensive range of evidence, some details are drawn from publicly available records, with Roman’s lawyer claiming to possess additional evidence. Roman challenges Wade’s qualifications for the job, emphasizing his lack of experience in trying felony RICO cases. The motion questions why Willis chose Wade, revealing their romantic involvement predating the legal services contract. Allegedly, they have been seen together privately in Atlanta and may have cohabited at an undisclosed location.

Financially, Wade has benefitted substantially from working on the case, earning $653,881 by December 2023, compared to Willis’s annual salary of $198,266. The motion highlights Wade’s marital status during this period, noting that he filed for divorce when joining the Willis prosecution, seeking to seal his divorce records, a move challenged for not following proper procedures.

Roman’s legal team discovered information about the Willis-Wade relationship through sealed divorce records, implying procedural irregularities. Exhibits attached to the motion include invoices from Wade to Willis’s office, revealing entries like “Conf with White House Counsel” on May 23, 2022, and “Interview with DC / White House” on Nov. 18, 2022. Given the politically charged nature of the Trump case, any connection to the Biden White House is of significant interest.

In summary, the ongoing developments in the Georgia prosecution present a complex and potentially sordid narrative. Roman’s motion not only raises questions about the propriety of the legal proceedings but also challenges the continued involvement of prosecutor Willis in the case.


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