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It has been over eight years since the AYA Academy case, and much has transpired since then, with Beltrán at the center of the storm, facing numerous inconsistencies in due process, which seemingly amounts to violations of her constitutional rights. On the other hand, there’s the media and social networks’ discredit campaign.

Accusations have poured in from all sides, from prosecutors to accusing lawyers, media, and social networks, distortions, untruths, a media campaign of discredit that Rommys Beltrán has had to endure. The criminal charges have been dismissed one by one due to lack of evidence, with the media spearheading a discredit campaign, raising the question of what lies behind the case against Beltrán, why such vehemence against a person who has repeatedly emerged victorious against these accusations. Is it a plot orchestrated against her?

Beltrán and her lawyers have consistently countered all these accusations, yet the media, especially Telemundo, systematically focus only on misinformation, suggesting a vendetta against someone trying to prove her innocence. Reaching the truth is the task of any media outlet, but it is equally true that there should be balance in the search for that truth, all parties involved must have the same opportunity and media coverage. The legal battle continues in the courts, but the media one does not stop, it is unequal and unjustified.

A life dedicated to the less fortunate youth. Rommys Beltrán, a Venezuelan woman who, like many, arrived in the United States to carve out a better future, arrived in the early nineties. Like every immigrant, she had to fight, making her way in a completely new and very different reality for her. When she had the opportunity, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a university professional, specializing in criminal justice with a focus on crime scene, holding a doctorate in behavioral sciences, specifically profiling criminal behaviors. All this led her to become a police officer where she stood out for her extensive knowledge and commitment to service, also working tirelessly to combat human trafficking.

Her service to the community led her to create the AYA Academy, aimed at helping youths with behavioral problems, excluded from the American public school system. Naturally, the program became a beacon of light for youths with serious behavioral and criminal issues. Rommys Beltrán offered a second and even a third chance to many youths who, if not for her and her academy, would have fallen into gangs or ended up dead.

This commendable work always causes discomfort among many unscrupulous individuals who see these institutions as enemies of their greed. Rommys Beltrán successfully carried out her program, helping many youths to escape the clutches of darkness. Since 2015, she has been facing a legal case for alleged mistreatment of youths at the academy. She has withstood all the attacks she has been subjected to legally and in the media; the public discrediting has taken a toll on her emotionally, socially, and economically. The discredit campaign has gone so far as to destroy her public image within her community.

Today, more than eight years later, she continues to fight to clear her name, synonymous with hard work and perseverance. She is a woman battling against individuals who only want to see the image of an impeccable woman destroyed.


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