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ATLANTA, Georgia – The Fulton County Superior Court has been embroiled in controversy as Judge Rachel Krauss faces mounting criticism for her conduct in the case against Dr. Rommys Beltrán, a former police officer and forensic psychologist, accused of crimes within the Georgia juvenile program, AYA.

In the expedited trial hearings of October 2019, Judge Krauss made the contentious decision to dismiss Dr. Beltrán’s attorney, Samuel Johnson, citing a conflict of interest. This move has sparked a debate on potential violations of constitutional rights and the fairness of the legal proceedings.

Dr. Beltrán, in response to what she perceives as a miscarriage of justice, launched “The SetUp” (The Trap), a documentary series with Venezuelan journalist Héctor Soto. Available on social media, the series aims to shed light on the perceived illegalities of her case and the threat to her life.

The conflict of interest cited by the prosecution revolves around a video showing Johnson assisting Dr. Beltrán with moving boxes from the AYA center, which she decided to close in August 2015. Critics argue that the dismissal of Johnson during a rushed trial—where evidence presentation was limited to 60 days—violated Dr. Beltrán’s right to legal representation. Furthermore, Judge Krauss’s insistence that Johnson testify against Beltrán raises ethical concerns and questions about client-attorney confidentiality.

Judge Krauss’s decisions did not stop with the dismissal of Dr. Beltrán’s attorney. She also rejected the expedited trial request, compelling Dr. Beltrán to proceed without legal defense. This situation highlights severe issues regarding the right to a fair trial and the equitable treatment of defendants, especially in complex cases such as AYA.

The Beltrán case has proven to be a thorny issue for the Fulton County Superior Court, with the district attorney’s office seeing over 30 prosecutor changes. Judge Krauss’s attempts to expedite Dr. Beltrán’s imprisonment, allegedly using surprise tactics and avoiding the presentation of substantial evidence, have drawn criticism and raised questions about the justice system’s integrity.

Adding to the controversy, Dr. Beltrán has recounted threats from the prosecutor to obtain an arrest warrant if she did not forsake the expedited trial, casting doubt on the ethical practices of the prosecution and Judge Krauss.

Beltrán’s legal advisor, Andrew Murphy, has highlighted judicial misconduct, accusing Judge Krauss of bias and violations of Supreme Court procedures aimed at rapidly incarcerating Dr. Beltrán without a fair trial. Murphy’s requests for Judge Krauss’s removal followed a series of events leading to Dr. Beltrán’s unwarranted detention on charges in a neighboring county.

As the case drags on, serious concerns about the motivations behind the judicial and prosecutorial violations against Dr. Beltrán have emerged, spotlighting the potential infringement of constitutional rights and the overall fairness and integrity of Fulton County’s justice system.


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