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A helping hand… giving a second chance to at-risk youth.

School dropout is a pressing reality, with various causes and different consequences, necessitating government intervention. Often, measures are too late and insufficient, and it is in these times that individuals like Dr. Beltrán become savior angels for many families at risk of losing their children.
The AYA Academy, through Dr. Rommys, provided that hope with a substantial program of education, discipline, and support. The lack of family and institutional support can lead many youths into a spiral of darkness with irreversible consequences in their lives.

Every year, more than 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States, which equates to one student every 26 seconds. These are disheartening figures for the future of society.
As a specialist in criminal behavior with extensive studies in behavioral profiling, Dr. Beltrán identified this issue particularly afflicting her community. In 2008, she began a study that revealed the deficit in support for youths expelled from public schools.

The AYA Academy became a reality in 2011, a beacon of light and hope.
After being expelled from public schools, these troubled youths are referred to alternative schools, where they have two or three chances before being completely excluded from the public education system, as Dr. Beltran noted. To address this gap, she created the AYA program to assist these youths.
School dropout affects not only employment but also early parenthood, addictions, and incarceration, among other irreparable consequences. Data indicates that around 75 percent of inmates in state prisons in the U.S. did not finish high school.
Initiatives like AYA offer alternatives to pull disadvantaged youths from the streets and poor decisions, highlighting the necessity of individuals like Dr. Beltrán when public institutions fall short.

Community Hero
A more than qualified voice

Dr. Rommys Beltrán was a reference point for her community, first as a police officer who tirelessly investigated human trafficking. Her determination and knowledge quickly positioned her within the police force, where she received several accolades for her outstanding performance during her four-year tenure.
The world can be a cruel, merciless place for those who fall into indiscriminate hands, especially youths who are often the preferred victims of horrors and manipulations by disturbed minds. It’s essential to have individuals ready to provide solutions and take action, a helping hand willing to offer support.
Assisting from the police force was the launching point for Dr. Beltrán, who, after completing her cycle in the police force, became a voice in her community, this time using media as a tool to help more and more at-risk youths.

Always focused on helping the youth
Having been trained by the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigations) and juvenile correctional tactics to recognize, prevent, and assist in child trafficking, she lent her expert voice to a series of cases involving the disappearance of young boys and girls at the hands of adults, greatly aiding in bringing these incidents to public attention.

Similarly, in a series of cases between 2013 and 2015, several disappearances of children resulted in the discovery of these minors dead at the hands of their parents. In all these events, Dr. Rommys provided her knowledge to help understand how these twisted minds could be capable of the worst criminal acts.
Numerous cases highlight Dr. Beltrán as a reference for understanding these atrocious acts and the criminal minds behind them, not only to understand but to prevent their recurrence in the future, underscoring her unwavering commitment to her community.


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