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The lawsuit filed in federal court against MSG Network Executive Chairman James Dolan and former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein alleges that Dolan was aware of a woman’s sexual assault accusations against Weinstein but offered little consolation. According to the lawsuit filed by former massage therapist Kellye Croft, Dolan responded matter-of-factly, describing Weinstein as a troubled person with serious issues. The lawsuit claims Dolan did not provide much support or assistance to Croft in reporting the assault to authorities.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, accuses Dolan of pressuring Croft into unwanted sexual intercourse during a tour in late 2013. The complaint details an alleged sexual assault by Weinstein on Croft in January 2014 at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel, describing the incident as a “horrific attack.” Croft managed to escape the assault by answering a call from Dolan, who then reportedly mentioned their friendship and warned her of potential consequences.

The 31-page complaint, filed by attorney Doug Wignor, outlines the assault in detail, stating that Weinstein initially complimented Croft but later became aggressive. After reporting the incident to Dolan, Croft left the tour. The plaintiff seeks various damages in the civil case.

Representatives for Dolan and Weinstein have denied the allegations, with Dolan’s attorney emphasizing the lack of merit and suggesting the claims are intended to inflame. Weinstein’s attorney similarly denied the allegations and expressed confidence in revealing the truth through legal proceedings. Weinstein, currently serving a 16-year sentence for rape and other sex crimes, has faced multiple convictions in both Los Angeles and New York.


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