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Deputies in Florida captured on camera the moment they roused a Georgia couple asleep on a Florida beach. According to the sheriff, the couple, who appeared to be intoxicated, had no idea of the whereabouts of their children. The children were subsequently discovered swimming unsupervised in a hotel pool.

In a concerning incident captured on video, deputies in Florida intervened to wake a visiting couple from Georgia found asleep on a Florida beach. The incident, which unfolded under the watchful lenses of law enforcement cameras, highlights a serious lapse in parental supervision. According to statements from the sheriff’s office, the couple was discovered in a state of intoxication, completely unaware of their children’s location.

Upon being awakened by the deputies, the couple appeared confused and disoriented, initially unable to account for the whereabouts of their children. The sheriff noted the couple’s condition suggested they had been drinking heavily prior to falling asleep on the beach. This negligence sparked immediate concern for the safety of their children, prompting a swift response from the authorities.

The search for the missing children concluded at a nearby hotel, where they were found swimming unsupervised in the hotel’s pool. The kids, who were unharmed, seemed oblivious to the potential danger of swimming without adult supervision. The hotel staff, upon noticing the children alone, had been monitoring them until law enforcement could locate the parents.

The father (seen on the right) has a bruised face after trying to escape from custody before faceplanting into the sand.

The incident has raised questions about parental responsibility and the dangers of alcohol consumption when supervising minors. The sheriff’s office has since issued a statement reminding parents of the importance of maintaining awareness of their children’s whereabouts and safety, especially in public spaces where risks are magnified.

The parents, whose identities have not been disclosed to protect the privacy of the children, are currently under investigation. The sheriff’s office is coordinating with child protection services to assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action. This event serves as a stark reminder of the critical need for vigilance and responsibility in parenting, particularly in settings that pose increased risks to child safety.


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