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This cites and exemplifies the corruption with the AYA – Rommys Beltrán Case.

The prosecuting attorney in the Beltrán case, along with the narrative of Telemundo news reporters, assured the general public that there were 53 police reports filed at the Roswell Police Department against AYA.

On August 17, 2015, a fight broke out at the AYA center located in Roswell, GA. The staff called their backup police department to help deal with the minors attacking the staff at the center. The Roswell police responded. The local police department had been helpful to the AYA staff for years, but this time they took this call for a deeper investigation. Shortly after, about a week later, the Roswell Police Department and the GBI raided the center, arriving with search warrants and accompanied by Telemundo news reporters. A rookie reporter named María Duarte took charge of the news investigation, creating a great deal of confusion in the investigation. Duarte reported on the evening news that she found 53 police complaints made by 53 parents and relatives against the center for alleged child abuse. Telemundo and another rookie reporter, Luis Estrada, assured the general public at that time that the center lacked accreditation and several families had been robbed by the Director, Dr. Rommys Beltrán.

The scandal created by the rookie reporters had serious consequences for the center, the staff, the director, the students, and the parents. The only ones who benefited from this news were Telemundo Atlanta and its rookie reporters, who were later awarded and promoted. After my investigation, going to the police station and pulling the 53 reports, I found that the reports had been accumulated over a period of 4 years by the AYA school over its 5 years of operation. This is not an alarming number of reports given the fact that this center housed dangerous and violent minors. In fact, a regular public school has many more police reports filed in a school year with well-behaved minors, so 53 reports in 5 years of operation were not alarming, at least not as Telemundo Atlanta wanted to inflame it.

In my investigation, I discovered that, in fact, 52 of the reports were made by AYA staff on numerous different issues not related to fights or violence at the center much less against them by parents or relatives. I only found 1 report that was made by a parent requesting a refund for an overpayment. Among the 52 remaining reports, there is a report of a theft that occurred on March 7, 2013, documenting the theft of computers, cameras, DVRs, and one of the center’s transport vans.

I also contacted Rommys Beltrán to discuss the accreditation issue. She explained that, indeed, Telemundo also lied about the accreditation. When she went forward to explain to Telemundo what was really happening, Telemundo maliciously cut and edited her response to make it seem like she was mocking the parents and that the school’s accreditation was a “little dark secret” she was hiding from them. In reality, what she actually said was that the school had 2 accreditations and an accredited home education program. One of the accreditations, the Georgia Accreditation Commission, was in dispute, but the other 2 were active and operational. One of her oldest accreditations was through the home-schooling program known as “homeschooling,” a program that the center had been using for years and hundreds of students were transferring back and forth to public schools without any problem. Information that Telemundo Atlanta maliciously omitted to sensationalize their news and insinuate that Beltran had committed crimes against the parents of her own center.

Our investigative team actually contacted the Department of Education and found that in the state of Georgia, it is not a crime to run a school without accreditation. In fact, all public schools are required to evaluate students before entering classes and validate their credits through an academic test that places them at the correct grade level as long as they follow a state curriculum, something AYA was using. Law 160-5-1-.15 also accepts home education programs from other states. The statute states that the transfer of credits from Non-Traditional Education and Private Schools is legal and transferable.

The level of manipulation, ignorance, and malice to which Telemundo Atlanta subjected this news, using tactics of misrepresentation and confusion in their reporting to harm and create chaos not only to the AYA center but to the students of the center and the families who blindly believed in the distorted Telemundo News, is abysmal. Due to this distorted news, students lost their credits and grades forever. Several absent students ran away from their parents’ homes and even to other states. Parents felt cheated and betrayed by the School Director. AYA staff was criminally charged, arrests were made, several staff members became unemployed, in short, a total disaster. The only people who received awards, promotions, and public recognition as heroes were the rookie reporters from Telemundo Atlanta who proudly and with heads held high feel proud of the disaster


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