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19 individuals have been arrested as part of an investigation into sex trafficking at a house in South Fulton.

In South Fulton, Georgia, law enforcement has apprehended 19 individuals as part of an inquiry into a shooting incident and potential human trafficking operation at…

Brooklyn Man Receives Life Sentence in Landmark Federal Case for Murder During The Commissioning of A Sex Act

  Today, Somorie Moses, also known under various aliases including "Sugar Bear" and "Daddy," received a sentence of 10 life terms to be served concurrently,…
rommys beltran smstudios

Rommys Beltran: “A passion to save juveniles by giving them a chance to start life the right way”

Rommys Beltran: Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow for Her Community Dr. Rommys Beltrán: A Beacon of Hope for At-Risk Youth In a society grappling with the…
Fani Willis sued

Fulton DA Fani Willis sued! Incarcerated people jailed without indictments.

The Barred Business Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, has filed a lawsuit against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Rommys Beltran Investigators report…
Georgia couple at Florida beach arrested for child neglect